Laylines: 3D Data Visualisation and New Media Design by Amber Struthers


3D Data Visualisation driven by Artificial Intelligence in a sculptural format

Processing, 3D Printing, JSON Parsing,

Transparent PLA Plastic, Slate (13 x 6 1/2)

p1030270 (1).jpg


A transformative exploration of data visualisation in tactile formats. I have created a 3D map of visual data which depicts the neural network of an AI Technology Defence and Security bot (see below for data).

This project has its conceptual grounding in the topic of machine learning as I think that it is important to think about the implications that current advances being made in this sector has on political and technological warfare, and in a speculative technologically driven global state it would most certainly play an important role in how a seemingly more possible dystopian world would be shaped.


Having the data presented as a sculptural artifact allows the data set to be viewed holistically by those interacting with the work, and makes it accessible as a piece of data design, but also as a work of sculptural art in its own right. The fields of art and design often interlink with one another and when this happens I feel it is best to embrace both sides of this. During my research for the Data Visualisation project I came across numerous examples of physical data visualisation; scarves, tapestries, sculpture, etc. What drew me towards these works was the way in which the physicality of the data made me consider the data and how it made it feel more real, which in itself is interesting as it forces us to question ‘what is this feeling of realness?”, “why am I having it”, “why did it not feel real beforehand?”, and “wasn’t the data real upon the point of collection?”, and so on so forth.






Relationship and Entity Extraction Evaluation Dataset (Entities) (2018) -Defence Science and Technology Laboratory:

This data set is the output of a project that states that it set out to create a ‘gold-standard data set for use with AI and Machine Learning algorithms. The data has been derived from the psychological schema of a defense and security analyst. Delves into Natural Language Processing. (NLP)


Nervous System Processing Library used to convert code into 3D OBJ files ready for 3D Printing and manipulation